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The thoughts.

We founded calmar creativ in Mai 2009 because we are driven by the idea to perfect companies' visual communication. With degrees in design (university of applied sciences degree) and business administration, we bring together the know-how necessary to deliver both thrilling creativity and thorough understanding of companies needs.

Why you can feel in good hands?

we are flexible but reliable.

Success on the market often depends on a quick response time and the best possible flexibility. We are capable of analyzing your personal requirements and wishes and finding creative and custom-made solutions with you. You can always rely on us.

we are young but experienced.

Despite our obviously young age, we were already able to gather very much expert knowledge, we would like to share with you. Since 2001, we offer design concepts in many branches, stood and successfully mastered many challanges with juvenility and without being shy.

we are fast but accurate.

Fast apprehension and realization capacity are the bedrock of our workflow. We're native in all common planning-, design- and production processes and are up to date concerning the newest conventions and techniques. We finish and polish our designs accurately and in the best-possible way.

we are perfectionist but indigenous.

We're renowned for best-possible solutions and down-to-earth and fair conditions at the same time. Don't be shy and ask non-bindingly for a start-up package or other design tasks. We will surprise you.

The thoughts
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