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Delivering outstanding graphics design.

Though we don't like the term "full service agency" it's still the most accurate description for our design services. Wether you need a specialist for your corporate design, print media, screen design or illustrations – we are your skilled, flexible and enthusiastic partner. Plus: We are really good at what we do.

What we do.

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Corporate Design & Branding
Screen- & Interface Design
Print & Publishing
Art Direction

At calmar creativ, we cover all these design disciplines. If your project should contain a section not mentioned here, we probably can take care of it anyway. In the field of project management, we make sure that the missing thing can also be done, for example by a member of our corporate network.

What we do
Corporate DesignScreen- & InterfacedesignPrint & PublishingArt DirectionIllustration

Carolin Calabrese
Dipl.-Kauffrau [Univ.]

Phone: +49 9189 / 41 21 940
Mobile: +49 160 / 90 70 83 80
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How we work.

People tell us that we ask the right questions. What they want to say is that we are good at outlining your individual business idea and vision as well as your wishes and fears concerning the design job at hand. Because of that, we are able to develop custom-made concepts and designs that may surprise you – but always in a good, feels-right kind of way. We call it "the sparring partner's approach to design"

To visualize our ideas, we provide you with "first drafts" very early in the process, showing you several alternative solutions at a time.

We then select the best designs with you, and develop them even further until they are perfect. Finally, we assemble the final design applications according to the project's goals. After that, we can either take care of the further production processes, i.e. print and delivery, or or just deliver all relevant data and files.


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